Smita Mishra

Founder at PoolWallet, QAZone Infosystems

Smita Mishra is the Founder of PoolWallet – an online social gifting app and is the CEO and Chief Test Consultant at QAzone Infosystems, which is a software testing organisation. She enjoys problem solving.  She supports her customers in identifying the risks their applications are carrying and / or passing on further to their end customers. Her key skills are product development and software testing. She also engages with different forums to assist growth for women in her field and otherwise too.

Debugging Diversity

Jasper Hotel

For many years, we have heard discussions around diversity. You may be tempted to think of just one kind of diversity: Where we have marches in the streets, organizations protesting for their rights, new laws being passed, and new organizations being created. We see something similar in the software testing industry. We see organizations being […]