Adam Howard

Test Practice Manager at Trade Me

Adam Howard is the Test Practice Manager at Trade Me, based in Wellington, New Zealand. He is passionate about helping to evolve the way testing is both perceived and performed. A regular speaker at meet-ups and conferences in NZ and internationally, Adam also helps organise local WeTest Workshops [] and is chief design and layout editor for Testing Trapeze []. He also writes about testing on his blog [], and occasionally manages to be concise enough to tweet as @adammhoward [].

Exploratory Testing: LIVE

Jasper Hotel

Strap yourselves in and prepare to witness a live, no holds barred, ragin’ cagin’ exploratory testing experience. Watch as Adam explores and investigates a mystery piece of software with only his wits, charter and some trusty heuristics to guide him. Throughout the live session, Adam’s play-by-play commentary will help you get inside the mind of […]