12th May 2017

By Richard Rogers, Matthew Santon-Rutherford, Carla Medway

If Software Quality is truly a shared responsibility, how can we bring quality into sharper focus for everyone who works on software products?

How do we shine a spotlight on quality in the early stages of product development?

How can we raise awareness of risks which might threaten the value of our products and the experience for our customers?

How can we evaluate the relative importance of different quality criteria?

How do we bring business priorities and customer value into technical discussions about possible solutions?

Join us for a practical and interactive session on Quality Workshops. Using a real world case study, learn about:

• how to start the conversation about quality
• the dimensions of quality which might affect the way your customers see your product
• techniques which can be used to reveal your stakeholders’ concerns about product risk
• how to capture those concerns and prioritise them in a visually compelling manner
• reviewing and refining the view of risk as you review and refine your product
• how you can use what you learn to shape strategies for testing and monitoring your product